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I love all things creative, both professionally and personally. From an early age, my mom saw something in me – an ability, I guess, as a creative communicator.  In 5th grade she encouraged me to audition for ‘Super Six School News’ with the local PBS station.  I did, and something about that whole experience set me on a path that I continue to explore. Along the way there have been variations on the theme – but the theme is always the same.  And that is why I know I was created to create. Through words, music, art, speaking, leading, decorating, styling & diy.  I am most alive; I feel God’s glory when I express and give outlet to the purpose he’s written into my soul. That is why my whole life has been about capturing the creative.

But that of course, isn’t the whole of my life. I am also a mom to Tennyson, Cameron and Genesee. After a struggle to have children – My husband, David, and I know we are blessed to have a full and crazy (seriously crazy) house of kids.FullSizeRender-5

IMG_2116And outside of my home (more accurately, usually in my home during nap time) I work for MOPS International (mops.org) on the Events team as Executive Session Producer for MOMCon and Emcee. I love my team and creating this amazing experience with them. momcon-2016.


IMG_2734And because I love MOPS so much – I’m also the Coordinator of my group in Boulder, CO. I have been coordinating for the last 4 years – and we have the most amazing leadership team and group of women – coming together to share in this stage of life.

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